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Take your trip to
Paris International G.C.

from Cedar Rapids

Ringer Golf offers the opportunity for “bucket list” golf experiences to everyone – every day! The Trackman Golf software allows anyone to play private and high-end courses, 75+ and growing, for as much or less than local courses, in a perfect temperature environment with high end hospitality. Trackman simulators produce a 98% accurate shot production outcome with much more information available. Customize the weather conditions, sit back and relax in a very comfortable competitive and fun environment!

Recreational Golfer

Tired of playing the same old courses every week, every year? Big difference between one choice or another? There isn’t much. Come to Ringer Golf! Play around the world in an experience that is faster, more intriguing and a place where you can play without losing balls in that Gardner fescue and where you’ve got drink and food service not just at the turn, but on demand. Iowa game on? Look up. We will have all the sports entertainment you need, on demand! Done with the round? Let’s talk highlights (and lowlights) at our accompanying bar and seating!

Performance Golfer

Golfers with ambition. Being in Iowa puts us at a disadvantage: our national competitors are playing year-round. Let’s leapfrog them. Not only can we now play year-round, we can play with the technology even tour pros cannot beat! Trackman technology, and Ringer golf offers the latest in that technology, has 80 of the top 100 worldwide professionals owning one themselves. The data produced and individually collected is second to none. Come in to practice and train yourself, bring your pro, or ask and we can connect you with a Trackman trained professional to improve your game! Gone can be when you put the clubs away for four months in Iowa. Here and even in season you can train to your best with the best and most accurate and insightful data analytics available!

Teams, Pros, Fitters

Coaches, let’s win a championship! We are completely here for you. Bring your team for training. Understand your players better, but as stated, let’s win! Professionals, work with us to bring your training abilities to the next level. More date means better understanding of your students and a better improvement of their game. Fitters, no better place than a Trackman studio and you know this. All three of you will have a special bay for access. Ringer Golf is a performance studio and we cannot be that without the professionals who truly drive that type of production. We are here to supplement your work and provide technology which is otherwise difficult to access

Premium, by Design

Ringer Golf is not your expected simulator golf experience, even when looking for a golf trip and your friend is out because his wife has plans... Everything we do, from service to technology, to comfort to leisure, is explicitly and purposefully meant for our customers; we want to provide the best experience possible. Performance Golfers, we’re here to up your game with a bay dedicated to you and your game with a dedicated group of pros and club fitters at your choosing.

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